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Hi! Or, Hello, if you’re English or, ‘allo, if you’re French or does it really matter now that we’re all on this web thing? A few words of background if this is the first time you’ve clicked on to this page. I’m a self-confessed Sports/GT racing freak who got so far into his hobby that I turned it into a business. I won’t bore you with lines like: “poorly paid”, “barely scratch a living” although they’re true. You’ve heard them all before and I wouldn’t want to insult your intelligence, would I?



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Race Cars For Sale:


1986 Buick Hawk March 86G/10


Immaculate, restored, in race ready condition, the Buick Hawk was campaigned in IMSA GTP races in 1987 and 1988. Very fast, with lap times comparable to a Porsche 962, it is also …


1968 Lola T70 Mk. III Coupe

Price: POA

When the Lola T70 Can Am car made its debut in 1965, it caused a sensation. Beautiful, fast and with excellent handling, it won numerous races, including …


1984 Porsche DP935

PRICE: US$375,000

Multiple Nurburgring-winning 935. This fabulous Vaillent-sponsored Porsche 935 has a factory built (Dyno sheet to prove) 962 …

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I started racing in an Elva-BMW in British Hillclimbs a long time ago; After spending all my parents’ and my friends’ money on this lark (which I thoroughly enjoyed), I settled down to marriage and two kids until age 30. An XK120 Jaguar just begged to be bought and so I promptly equipped this with a roll-over bar and damn read more...
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