1956 Jaguar XK140MC OTS



















A beautiful XK140 in superb condition. They don’t come any better than this. Only two owners from new and an original California “black plate” car. Restored by John Pollack in California some 15 years ago and has had only light use since.

The Jaguar XK140MC (special equipment in factory nomenclature) was the successor to the revolutionary XK120 of 1948, which took the motoring World by storm. Jaguar, in the shape of William Lyons, the boss, thought that they might sell about 200 XK120s and they were to be used to iron out any snags in Jaguar’s great new six-cylinder engine, the XK of just 3.4 liters. How wrong could Sir William have been? Jaguar ended up building some 12,500 XK120s and they firmly put Jaguar on the map, leading to the Le Mans winning C and D Types of the early to mid 1950s and the series of great saloons (sedans) such as the Marks VII to 420 and the 2,4/3.4/3.8 “small” saloons.

The XK140 was the follow on to the XK120 and cured some of the problems that the 120 had suffered from, such as inadequate seating room, particularly for tall drivers and, in the case of the FHC (Fixed Head Coupe) version, extra “occasional” seats in the back. The engine was moved a few inches further forward to increase legroom and rack and pinion steering was incorporated, which some claim gives a much better “feel” to the steering. It certainly lightened it up as compared to the XK120. To ward off the “parking by bumper” which, apparently, was common in American cities in the 1950s, larger, stronger bumpers were fitted. They were not as graceful as the original XK120’s bumpers but far more effective!

Power was increased from 180 BHP in the XK120 with its special equipment head, to 210 with the addition of the C Type head. Taken all together, the XK140, with its 130mph plus top speed, was a worthy successor to the XK140, particularly on long road trips.

So here we have a magnificent example of one of these MC roadsters. Just 3,281 XK140 Roadsters were made, perhaps half with the desirable “MC” modifications, making them quite a rare car. This one is a two-owner car and has benefitted from being fitted with a Hi-torque starter, an aluminum radiator, front disc brakes and a 5-speed gearbox. I’ve driven her myself and can vouch for her wonderful manners, smooth ride and a performance that, even today, will easily out pace many modern cars. Comes with Heritage certificate, all books and tools. SOLD.

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I started racing in an Elva-BMW in British Hillclimbs a long time ago; After spending all my parents’ and my friends’ money on this lark (which I thoroughly enjoyed), I settled down to marriage and two kids until age 30. An XK120 Jaguar just begged to be bought and so I promptly equipped this with a roll-over bar and damn read more...
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