1963 AC Ace









RS 5036

A superb AC Ace, the very last one built! Raced in the ’60s and, therefore, eligible for Classic Le Mans, Classic Daytona, Classic Sebring, Tour Auto, etc. Here is a description of the car:

The car was an export car (UK registration letters CGT indicate export), ordered by a lady, whose father was presumably paying for it. On hearing that she had ordered a Cobra, he persuaded AC to build just one more ACE. He succeeded. It is the very last Ace chassis built and was built in the Cobra production line, registered on December 31st, 1963.

After its sale to the second owner (who owns it today), it was built up as a racecar and has had several wins and places in good national races in the UK, AC awards, etc. The seller sold it a while later and then the car disappeared. He found it in a barn(!), on its return to the UK many years later, covered in straw and bird droppings. There is a spare engine and gearbox that come with the Ace.

So the seller has owned the car twice, once in the mid to late 1960’s and, more recently, over the last 8 years. It was the first car that he raced. Afterwards, the seller raced a Porsche 934 (he won his class at Le Mans) and a March 84G.

The seller bought this car as a full racecar. It has the race engine in it (a Ford Zephyr 2.6 liter straight six) that when built showed 240bhp. The Ace was bought to return it to road specification. The owner kept the engine in it as is. He says that it is really quick but has good torque, so it is a pleasure to drive on the road.

The body was stripped back to bare metal and repainted in mid blue. The shocks have been changed to road specification, and there is full weather gear, screens, two tonneaus, roof and a frame with the car. It has a hard top in the same color, blue. It has Cobra seats and Cobra front early overriders, with holes but no oval front bumper. The Ace has a limited slip diff, and spare new Quaife LSD. It is fitted with the original Ford gearbox.

The owner removed the race roll bar, fire extinguisher and cabling. He filled the holes before painting, including the holes for the aero screen. All these things are available with the car. The buyer has the opportunity to race the car or run as it is on the road. The car has been updated to rose jointed steering, along with race specification brake wired pipelines. The wheels are shod with Avon race tires, which are road legal. The brake pads were changed to road specification for the same reason. The springs are uprated single leaf. The multi leaf springs are not as progressive as the single spring version.

The spare engine is a road/rally unit giving approximately 190bhp, fresh unused, rebuilt 8 years ago.

The car has a lot of history and is certified as RS 5036, the last Ford 2.6 liter, and thence the last ACE built, on the same production line as the Cobra.


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