1963 Jaguar E-Type OTS
















1963 Jaguar E Type OTS
5 speed gearbox (comes with original gearbox)
Aluminum hood (100 pounds lighter than steel hood)

Chassis number: 877836
Engine number: R6893-9
Gearbox number: EB6137-JS
Body number: B4418

Matching numbers.

The Jaguar E Type (or “XKE” as it is known in America) is one of the most iconic sportscars ever built. Capitalizing on his best selling series of XK series (120, 140 and 150), William Lyons, the head of Jaguar, capped them all in 1961 with the introduction of the E Type.

Closely modeled upon the Le Mans winning D Type Jaguar, the E Type was of all-monocoque construction, but still using the well proven 3.8, later 4.2 straight six engine, derived from the engine used in the XK, Mark 1 and 2 and Mark VII, VIII, 1X and X Jaguars. In triple carburetor form, this 3.8-liter unit was rated at 265 horsepower.

The car we feature today was restored a few years ago by the renowned E Type restoration company, “Predator Performance”, specifically to include modifications to allow it to better deal with today’s traffic, such as a 5 speed gearbox and the bonnet (“hood”) is made of aluminum to give a lighter, more responsive handling feel.

The present owner has owned this E Type since 1964, so it is a two owner car only and has done a mere 7,000 miles since its restoration and upgrading just five years ago.

It is titled for the street and sounds just wonderful. It goes even better! For more information, call John Starkey at: (727) 743 6186 or email at: john@johnstarkeycars.com. SOLD

Comes with original Moss 4-speed gearbox.
Dunlop slotted wheels.
Comes with a spare set of Dayton wire wheels.
Comes with another set of Dunlop wheels.
Second owner has kept this E Type since 1964.

Restored five years ago.
7,000 miles since restoration.

About John Starkey
I started racing in an Elva-BMW in British Hillclimbs a long time ago; After spending all my parents’ and my friends’ money on this lark (which I thoroughly enjoyed), I settled down to marriage and two kids until age 30. An XK120 Jaguar just begged to be bought and so I promptly equipped this with a roll-over bar and damn read more...
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