1984 Porsche DP935

Multiple Nurburgring-winning 935

Price: $375,000.








This fabulous Vaillent-sponsored Porsche 935 has a factory built (Dyno sheet to prove) 962 twin turbo, twin plug, flat fan that develops 806 horsepower, with torque to match.

Built upon a 1976 Porsche Carrera 2.7 liter chassis by Ekkehard Zimmerman’s Design und Plastik Company in Cologne, Germany (he designed and built the bodywork of the 935K3), probably around 1985 (perhaps earlier), this DP935 was first of all driven by Jurgen Schorn and then by Jurgen Opperman.

Both men used it in German 3-hour long distance races (Langstreckenrennen), mostly around the Nordschleife (the old 14 mile circuit at the Nurburgring) but sometimes at Hockenheim, and at Zolder in Belgium.

The car notched up a great record, scoring fifteen overall victories, four second and three third places. Click on the link below to see the car in action with a lap around the Nordschleife by Jurgen Opperman:


After this, Opperman sold the 935 to Willy Rabl, an Austrian who specialized in the long distance “Bergrennen” (Hillclimbs) in Europe. Rabl was sponsored by Vaillent, and so the car was repainted in their colors and Rabl won two European Hillclimb Championships with it. He parked the car until I brokered it to an American in 2007, who has since retired from racing and will now part with it.

I drove this 935 at “Rennsport Reunion” in 2007 and found it the best handling, fastest 935 that I’ve ever driven. The Motronic electronic ignition makes driving it like a streetcar, the engine is so smooth and it features a correct built up gearshift and long-range fuel cell. Talk about driver friendly! Obviously Herr Opperman knew how to set up a 935 very well indeed.

This 935 comes with its ONS Wagenpass, plus another from Austria (when Rabl owned it). If you like driving a fast Porsche racecar, this is for you.

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